Only in Japan would a label tell their (male) talents: 

"Yeah, sure, you can appear in sexy police uniforms on stage, no prob. But guys, you can’t show your legs, that would be too sexy …


… instead please wear these fishnet-stockings.”

It really went more like this Company: You can’t show your bare legs. It would be too sexy and your fans may die of hyperventilation. That would make us lose potential money. Members: We could wear fishnet stockings? Company: That would be PERFECT

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 At the very end of the show someone sent a fax.

Taichi: “Massu sitting between Hako-chan and Chizu-san looks like their grandson. It’s charming. It makes Mondays soothing.”

Chizu-san: That’s right. He’s my grandson.

Then a 6-year old wrote “Massu, it’s bad to drink beer!” and Massu turned to the camera and said sweetly “Massu drinks beer.”



Um, Shige, honey, is there something you want to tell us? Because we love you no matter what, you know.

This just goes on. Seriously, the little shits better stop pestering sensei about his athleticism. He seems very self-conscious.

Or they are his unconscious preference